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City Manager’s Office


The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and serves as the highest ranking full time employee of the City overseeing the day to day operations. It is the City Manager’s responsibility to ensure implementation of policies formulated by the Council in the most efficient and cost effective manner. These policies are primarily derived in partnership with the Council by the development of long-range goals and annual budgetary appropriations. The City Manager provides leadership, coordination, and assistance to all city departments. The City Manager is responsible for the appointment and removal all employees, sees that all laws and ordinances are enforced, reports to the Council, and represents the City in many local, regional, and state-wide forums.


Scott K. Huebler was appointed City Manager in February 2001. Scott previously served as Hart City Manager and has held various municipal positions with Allen Park, Coopersville, Kentwood, and a prior stint in Whitehall as the Administrative Assistant/City Clerk.

He holds a Masters of Public Administration, Bachelors of Public Administration, Bachelors of Legal Administration, and Minor in Business from Grand Valley State University and served as a graduate assistant coordinating the development of a master plan for the City of Grand Rapids John Ball Park Neighborhood Association.


The City Manager may be contacted by phone at 231-894-4048 or by e-mail at